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Areas of Expertise

  • Client Liaison
  • Pre Planning Application Advice
  • Detailed Design
  • Strategy Development
  • Public Art Plans
  • Public Art Policies
  • Public Realm Design Guides
  • Programme Development
  • Community Engagement
  • Community Consultation
  • Artist Selection
  • Commission Briefs
  • Artist Contracting
  • Project Management
  • Budget Allocation
  • Budget Management
  • Risk Management
  • Monitoring
  • Evaluation
  • Maintenance Advice
  • Decommissioning Advice


Established in 2004 FrancisKnight Ltd is an award winning consultancy based in Kent, offering expert advice and project management in commissioning high quality public art for the public realm.

We facilitate unusual and unexpected contributions from artists adding value within a regeneration or development scheme. Artists make a considerable contribution to the visual quality of the public realm and aid community engagement. Our clients range from developers and design professionals to local authorities and communities.

We provide expert consultancy advice for commissioning artists from tenders, master planning, pre-application discussions to planning conditions including Section 106 agreements. We advise on artistic direction and can produce public art strategies, policies and design guides. As project managers we oversee artist selection, research and development of ideas through to the final coordination of commissioned artwork.

Incorporating public art into developments or regeneration schemes brings many benefits such as:

• Creating distinction and character • Increasing a sense of ownership • Generating pride in an area • Developing cultural identity • Making places more desirable • Effectively engaging with local people during a period of change.

Artwork can be embedded within hard landscaping and form an integral part of the overall design of a scheme; artists can explore alternative uses of scheme elements for example landscaping, surfaces, building façades, materials and features, street furniture, lighting and signage and sculptural wayfinding. Standalone artwork can highlight gateways, distinctive structures and features of a development.

Depending on the experience already in place within your project team FrancisKnight can manage the entire process on your behalf or we can support the collaborative working in the selection and development of public art proposals.


Public Art
Open space design
M&E Design
Project management
Tender Documentation


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